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Our philosophy

Restaurant in Lanzarote

The restaurant ‘Isla de Lobos’, in Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort 5*L in Playa Blanca, is known for its breath-taking views of the sea and neighbouring islands of Fuerteventura and Isla de Lobos and it is without doubt, one of the most recommended establishments on Lanzarote’s gastronomical map. A restaurant which responds to the maximum standards demanded by a five star hotel in its service, luxury and comfort making a place for the island to be proud of.

Our philosophy is based on a flavourful cuisine that uses the best raw ingredients from local producers, fishermen and Finca de Uga. All this results in rich creations and an incredible range of exclusive products and exceptional quality. Traditional cuisine combined with the usage of new techniques to achieve different textures and experiences, respecting at all times the product and its origins.

Kilometre Zero

A unique gastronomical experience

Next Km Zero: 28th March

Visit Finca de Uga

The gastronomical Kilometre Zero experience, includes a guided visit with the chef to the Finca de Uga, where we will explain the philosophy of the local kitchen and the selection and collection the majority of products, which form the base of the dishes you can enjoy in the exquisite menu designed by the chef using seasonal produce.

Dinner in Isla de Lobos

After our visit to Finca de Uga, we will enjoy a magnificent taster menu in the restaurant Isla de Lobos. In his eagerness to satisfy and surprise the diners, our chef and his team will devise a creation based on local products as well as making the most of sustainable local and imported.

Prices per person

  • Visit to Finca de Uga: 15€ if you have booked your KM0 dinner | 20€ visit without dinner booking
  • KM0 tasting menu without wine pairing: 60€
  • KM0 tasting menu with wine pairing: 92€

Finca de Uga is a farming and agricultural centre, with dairy animals and other special livestock, such as the Black Canarian Pig, the Black Free Range Canarian Chicken and a small Artisanal Cheese making facility. The guaranteed care for the wellfare of the animals and the effort and dedication of getting prime material, leads to the achievement of products with the finest quality such as its cheeses, which have won numerous prizes at the World Cheese Awards making them one of the best cheeses in the world.

Working alongside agriculturalists, farmers, fishermen and especially the Finca de Uga, our main gastronomical support is that we personally hand pick the food from which we design the main part of the menu.

Furthermore, our final aim is to care for maintaining our environment and a sustainable kitchen.

Isla de Lobos gift

An unforgettable dinner gift

In the restaurant Isla de Lobos, in Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort 5*L.

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Food Events

Michelin Star Gastronomy days.